Christened: 11th July 1820, Old Machar, Aberdeen
Married: 19th August 1841, St Nicholas, Aberdeen
Died: 1879

STEPHEN, Peter (c.5th May 1783, Old Machar, Aberdeen)
DUNCAN, Ann (b.c.1785)

STEPHEN, Christian (c.11th April 1817 Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Charles (b.26th Mar 1819, Old Machar, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, James (c.3rd May 1822, Old Machar, Aberdeen

Mary COLLIE (b.1822)

STEPHEN, Margaret Simpson (c.22nd July 1842, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Mary Ann (b.1844)
STEPHEN, Henry Charles (c. 3rd November 1845, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Ann C. (b.1847)
STEPHEN, Mary Juliet (b.10th January 1850, c.17th February 1850, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Charles (b.6th January 1852, c.1st February 1854, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Juliette (b.1854)
STEPHEN, James (b.14th August 1856, St Nicholas, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, Joanne (b.31st May 1858, St Nicholas, Aberdeen)
STEPHEN, John Collie (b.14th February 1863, Aberdeen)

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