Norman Reginald KIRKBY
Born: 12th August 1903, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
Married: 21st July 1931, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Died: 5th February 1995 (91), Hertford

KIKRBY, Reginald Guy (1875-1962)
DAVISON, Elsie (1879-1952)

KIRKBY, Leige Hulett (1905-1991)
KIKRBY, Guy Davison (1910-2000)
KIKRBY, Margaret Elsie (1913-living)

STEPHEN, Millicent May (b.7th May 1907, Bolder City, Australia)

KIKRBY, Norman Stephen (b.10th March 1933)
KIRKBY, Adrienne Margaret (b.17th September 1937, Namtu, Burma)

Biographical Details
Occupation: Electrical Engineer
Cause of death: Old age

Sources of information
Family knowledge

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