Richard WILLES
Christened: 30th November 1781, Folkestone, Kent
Married: 8th August 1815, Folkestone, Kent
Died: 1851-1861

WILLES, Wilson (c.1740)
COOPER, Margaret (c.1750)

WILLES, John (c.19th February 1773, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Robert (c.12th July 1775, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Margaret (c.17th January 1777, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Edward (c.28th July 1779, Folkestone, Kent)

POPE, Mary (b.c.1781, Kent; d.31st December 1842, Folkestone, Kent)

WILLES, Frances Elizabeth (c.5th March 1817, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Richard (b.c.1820, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Edward (b.c.1825, Kent)

Biographical Details
Occupation: Baker (1803), Baker (1841-1851) The following information was also given about him in July 1803 regarding his occupation as a baker: Numbers of Loaves of 3 pounds to be furnished by each subscriber every 24 hours By their usual number of Hands: For a constancy: 100 On an emergency: 200 By help of additional Journeymen for a constancy: 250 Number of additional Journeymen required: 1 For what kind of Fuel the ovens are calculated: Coals What Quantity is required for every 24 hours to keep each oven constantly at Work supposing 6 batches to be baked: 2 Bushells Whether Fuel is abundant or not: No

Sources of information
Family Search
Folkestone Lieutenancy Papers 1803 Census: 1841

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