Mary Ann Wilsden WILLES
Born: 4th May 1838, Folkestone, Kent
Married: 26th September 1861, St James, Dover, Kent
Died: 19th August 1874 (36), Orlestone, Kent
Buried: 23rd August 1874, Orlestone, Kent

WILLES, Edward (c.1st September 1815, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, Margaret Jennings (c.10th July 1812, Folkestone, Kent)

WILLES, Charles (b.c.1834, Kent)
WILLES, Alice Richards (c.14th December 1836, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Sarah Jane (b.11th February 1840, Dover, Kent)
WILLES, Wilson (b.26th May 1841, Hougham, Kent)
WILLES, Edward William (b.2nd April 1847, Folkestone, Kent)
WILLES, Margaret Jane (b.c.1853, Abbeywood, Kent/London)

WILLES, Alice Elizabeth (b.5th November 1878, Orlestone, Kent)

FORBES, Thomas Elmslie (b.9th September 1823, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)

FORBES, Thomas Willes (b.23rd August 1861, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Edward Willes (b.4th February 1863, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Margaret Jennings (b.2nd December 1864, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Jane Rose Andrews (b.12th September 1866, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Alice Maud (b.21st January 1868, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Ellen Ann (b.11th December 1869, Folkestone, Kent)

Biographical Details
Informant of birth (1838): Margaret Jennings WILLES (Mother), High Street, Folkestone, Kent
Father's occupation (1838): Baker
Marriage witnesses (1861): William Stevens [cousin?] and Sarah Underdown
Cause of death (1874): Paralysis (3 months) Certified
Occupation at death (1874): Wife of Thomas FORBES, Farm Labourer
Informant of death (1874): Margaret Jennings WILLES [mother], Orlestone, Kent

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Census returns (.pdf download): 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871

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