William George SACRE
Born: Jul-Sep 1852, Whatlington, Sussex
Married 1: 9th September 1875, Orlestone, Kent
Married 1: after 1888
Died: after 1901

SACRE, Joseph (b.c.1828)
Mother: Ann (buried: 6th October 1864, aged 33)

SACRE, Jane Elizabeth (b.c.1854, Ashford, Kent)
SACRE, Ann (b.c.1856, Ashford, Kent)
SACRE, Sarah (b.c.1861, Hamstreet, Kent

SACRE, Margaret (b.c.1870, Hamstreet, Kent)
SACRE, Ellen Gertrude (b.c.1872, Ruckinge, Kent)
SACRE, Susannah Eliza (b.c.1875, Ruckinge, Kent)
SACRE, Joseph Henry (b.c.1877, Ruckinge, Kent)

1. WILLES, Margaret Jane (b.1853, Abbey Wood, Kent)
2. ?BACK, Mary (b.c.1827, Ashford, Kent)

SACRE, Mary Ann Wilsden (b.20th December 1875, Orlestone, Kent)
SACRE, Margaret Jennings (b.24th February 1877, Warehorne, Kent)
SACRE, Ann Elizabeth (b.27th December 1878, Warehorne, Kent)
SACRE, William Edward J. (b.Jul-Sep 1882, Halstead, Kent)
SCARE, Alice Maud (b.Apr-Jun 1884, Bromley district, Kent)

Biographical Details
Marriage witnesses: Wilson Willes, Ann Sacre, Thomas Forbes, Mary Jane Forbes
Residence at marriage: Orlestone

Occupation: Farmer (1875), Brewer's Carrier (1876), Groom (1877), Railway Porter (1877), Signalman SER (1881), Carter (1888), Sawyer (1891), Dealer in Wood (1901)

Informant for birth of: Ann Elizabeth Sacre, 1878, whilst living in Warehorne
Informant for the death of: Margaret Jane Sacre, wife, whilst living at 5 Beaver Place, Ashford

Sources of information
GRO index & certificates
Orlestone Burials
Census (.pdf download): 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901
Orlestone Monumental Inscriptions (mother, Ann's, gravestone)

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