John Robert OAKES
Christened: 16th November 1834, Horsham, Sussex
Married: 13th April 1857, Slinfold, Sussex
Died: after 1881

OAKES, Charles (?c.15th June 1802, Horsham)

OAKES, Maria (c.29th May 1833, Horsham)
OAKES, Charles Shepperd (c.12th April 1837, Horsham)
OAKES, William (c.16th April 1839, Horsham)
OAKES, Susan Adelaide (c.28th October 1854, Horsham)
OAKES, Alfred George (c.28th October 1854, Horsham)
OAKES, Catherine (c.28th October 1854, Horsham)
OAKES, Robert John (c.26th December 1854, Horsham)
OAKES, Emma (c.26th December 1854, Horsham)
OAKES, Harry (c.26th December 1854, Horsham)

GREENFIELD, Mary (17th May 1829, Slinfold, Sussex)

OAKES, Mary Maria (c.31st January 1858, Horsham)
OAKES, Ada (b.c.1865, Brighton, Sussex)

Biographical Details
Marriage witnesses: Matthew GREENFIELD and [Anniter] _____

Sources of information
FamilySearch Horsham & Slinfold OPR
Census Returns

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