Eleanor HALL
Christened: 16th September 1827, West Derby, Lancashire
Married: 12th March 1850, Edge Hill, Lancaster
Died: 20th June 1861 (34), 40 Chatham Street, Reading, Berkshire

HALL, George (b.c.1800?, died 1850-1861, a stone mason)
SURNAME, Mary (b.c.1804, Whitewell, Yorkshire)

HALL, Jane Anne (c.7th March 1830, West Derby, Lancashire)
HALL, Henry (b.c.1832, Knotty Ash, Lancashire)
HALL, Mary (c.15th March 1835, West Derby, Lancashire)
HALL, Isabel (b.c.1839, Knotty Ash, Lancashire)
HALL, Emma (b.c. 1844, Knotty Ash, Lancashire)
(Knotty Ash was in the parish of West Derby?)

FORBES, Thomas Elmslie (b.9th September 1823, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)

FORBES, Mary Jane (b.1850, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, George Hall (b.1852, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, Mary Jane (b.1854, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, Thomas (b.5th January 1856, East Farleigh, Kent)
FORBES, Henry (b.22nd July 1860, Folkestone, Kent)

Biographical Details
Marriage witnesses (1850): Thomas Sutton, John A. Sutton & Margaret Spencer
Cause of Death (1861): Phthisis 1.5 years (certified)
Occupation at death (1861): wife of Thomas FORBES, a Railway Inspector
Informant of death (1861): Agnes Hunt, 39 Chatham Street, Reading

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