Albert Greenfield (1919) Albert GREENFIELD
Born: 23rd February 1858, Slinfold, Sussex
Married: 25th September 1887, Broadwater, Sussex
Died: 12th June 1933, Folkestone, Kent

GREENFIELD, Mark (b.c.1832, Slinfold, Sussex)
FROST, Emily (b.1821, Pakenham, Suffolk)

GREENFIELD, Alice Emily (b.14th August 1860, Horsham, Sussex)
GREENFIELD, Frederick Robert (b.6th January 1862, Horsham, Sussex)
GREENFIELD, Laura Mary (b.12th June 1864, Horsham, Sussex)

LOVELAND, Clara (née MAXFIELD) (b.20th April 1862, Marylebone, London)

GREENFIELD, Frederick George Albert (b.11th March 1888, Worthing, Sussex)
GREENFIELD, Alice Lilian (b.29th January 1895, Brighton, Sussex)
GREENFIELD, Ethel May (b.2nd May 1902, Folkestone, Kent)
GREENFIELD, Ernest Stanley (b.1900, Folkestone, Kent)

Biographical Details
Occupation: Grocer (1881-1902), Gardener (1933)
Cause of Death: Hemiplegia
Informant: Albert Greenfield [son - Frederick George Albert GREENFIELD]

Sources of information
GRO index & certificates
Family knowledge
Census returns: 1861 | 1871 | 1881 | 1901

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