Thomas Elmslie FORBES
Born: 9th September 1823, Fingask, Daviot, Aberdeenshire
Christened: 23rd September 1823, Daviot, Aberdeenshire
Married 1: 12th March 1850, West Derby, Lancashire
Married 2: 26th September 1861, Dover, Kent
Died: 4th March 1885 (57), Folkestone, Kent
Buried: 7th March 1885, Folkestone, Kent

FORBES, Thomas (b.c.1774, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)
CHILLAS, Isabella (b.18th November 1779, Drumoak, Aberdeenshire)

FORBES, Isobel (b.3rd May 1811, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)
FORBES, William (b.26th July 1815, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)
FORBES, Elizabeth (b.23rd September 1816 Daviot, Aberdeenshire)
FORBES, Helen Ann (b.24th October 1820, Daviot, Aberdeenshire)

1. HALL, Eleanor (c.16th September 1827, West Derby, Lancashire)
2. WILLES, Mary Ann Wilsden (b.4th May 1838, Folkestone, Kent)

FORBES, Mary Jane (b.1850, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, George Hall (b.1852, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, Mary Jane (b.1854, West Derby, Lancashire)
FORBES, Thomas (b.5th January 1856, East Farleigh, Kent)
FORBES, Henry (b.22nd July 1860, Folkestone, Kent)

FORBES, Thomas Willes (b.23rd August 1861, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Edward Willes (b.4th February 1863, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Margaret Jennings (b.2nd December 1864, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Jane Rose Andrews (b.12th September 1866, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Alice Maud (b.21st January 1868, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Ellen Ann (b.11th December 1869, Folkestone, Kent)

Christening witnesses
Gardener (1841, 1850, 1851, 1852, 1854)
Railway Ticket Collector (1856, 1860)
Railway Inspector (1860, 1861)
Railway Service (1861)
Railway Labourer* (1861)
General Labourer (1864)
Labourer (1866, 1868)
Stoker Steam Vessel (1869)
Trimmer (1871)
Farm Labourer (1874)
Engineer (1876)
Engine Fireman (1881)
Stoker (1885, 1886 [deceased])
Seaman (1887 [deceased])
Ship's Fireman (deceased) (1895)
*It seems possible that he was demoted after making the Station Master's daughter pregnant!

Marriage details:
Marriage witnesses (1850): Thomas Sutton, John A. Sutton & Margaret Spencer
Father's occupation (1850): Gardner
Marriage witnesses (1861): William Stevens [wife's cousin?] and Sarah Underd[or]on
Father's occupation (1861): Gardener [deceased]

Death details:
Cause of death (1885): a) Stricture of Oesophagustuo, b) Exhaustion
Informant of death (1885): T. W. Willes [son], Carlisle Castle, Carlisle [barracks?]
Occupation at death (1885): Stoker

Other details:
Witness for the marriage of Margaret Jane WILLES [sister-in-law] and William George SACRE in 1875

Sources of information
Family Search
GRO index & certificates
Census returns (.pdf download): 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881

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