Edward Stanley FORBES
Born: 9th December 1901, Folkestone, Kent
Married: before 1922
Died: after 1937

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FORBES, Edward Willes (b.4th February 1863, Folkestone, Kent)
HORE, Clara (b.7th February 1960, Three Burrows, Cornwall)

FORBES, Thomas John (b.20th December 1887, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Edward James (b.23rd January 1891, Folkestone, Kent)
FORBES, Jessie Gertrude (b.27th June 1896, Stockwell Green, London)
FORBES, George Albert Edward (b.1st April 1898, Folkestone, Kent)

MURRAY, Grace?

Unknown - thought to be a boy and a girl at least

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