Edward Derek Maxfield Forbes (1945) Edward Derek Maxfield FORBES
Born: 26th October 1928, Folkestone, Kent
Married: 20th August 1957, Reading, Berkshire

FORBES, Thomas John (b.20th December 1887, Folkestone, Kent)
GREENFIELD, Alice Lilian (b.29th January 1895, Folkestone, Kent)

FORBES, John Hore Willes (b.6th September 1925, Folkestone, Kent

KIRKBY, Adrienne Margaret (b.17th September 1937)

FORBES, Deborah Alice (b.2nd August 1966, Welwyn GC, Herts)
FORBES, Leonie Margaret (b.14th July 1970, Hertford, Herts)

Biographical Details
Occupation: Lecturer of English & Drama (APAR)

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