Born: c.1833, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall
Married: 18th November 1852, Kenwyn, Cornwall
Died: 24th October 1879 (46), Three Burrows, Cornwall

BARRETT, Hercules (b.c.1805, Cornwall)
Mother: Elizabeth (b.c.1810, Cornwall)

BARRETT, James (b.c.1827, Cornwall)
BARRETT, Elizabeth (b.c.1829, Cornwall)

HORE, John (b.c.1829, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)

HORE, William (b.10th March 1853, Three Burrows, Cornwall)
HORE, Hercules (b.23rd January 1855, Three Burrows, Cornwall)
HORE, Elizabeth Jane (b.20th February 1858, Three Burrows, Cornwall)
HORE, Clara (b.7th February 1860, Three Burrows, Cornwall)
HORE, Catherine (b.9th November 1861, Three Burrows, Cornwall)
HORE, Juliana (b.Aug-Sep 1863, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)
HORE, John (b.Jan-Mar 1867, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)
HORE, Emily (b.Jan-Mar 1869, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)
HORE, Archelous (b.Apr-Jun 1871?, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)
HORE, Ellen (b.Apr-Jun 1874, Kenwyn parish, Cornwall)

Biographical Information
Cause of death: Gastric Carcinoma (3 months)

Sources of information
GRO index & certificates
Census: 1841 (HO107/147 [Kenwyn part 3] Page 5, Folio 28), 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881

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