Sarah Gill ANDREWS
Christened: 23rd December 1801, Folkestone, Kent
Married: 20th April 1834, Folkestone, Kent
Died: after 1846

ANDREWS, William (c.7th July 1769, Canterbury, Kent)
WILSDEN, Mary Ann (c.9th April 1779, Folkestone, Kent)

ANDREWS, George (c.26th October 1798, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, Abraham (c.4th April 1800, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, Mary Ann Wilsden (c.17th October 1804, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, Jane Rose (c.6th March 1807, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, William (c.20th July 1810, Folkestone, Kent)
ANDREWS, Margaret Jennings (c.10th July 1812, Folkestone, Kent?)

STEVENS, Charles (c.9th July 1806, Guildford, Surrey)

STEVENS, William (c.26th October 1834, Folkestone, Kent)
STEVENS, Mary Ann Gill (c.1st June 1836, Folkestone, Kent)
STEVENS, Abraham Wilsden (c.20th December 1837, Folkestone, Kent)
STEVENS, Philidelphia Jane (c.26th October 1840, Hougham, Kent)
STEVENS, Thomas Charles (c.7th January 1843, Dover, Kent)
STEVENS, George Andrews (c.2nd October 1846, Dover, Kent)

Biographical details

Informant for the death of Sarah Jane WILLES when living at Castle Place, Dover, Kent (1840).

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